White Chocolate Ganache 2LB

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White Chocolate Ganache 2lb

High-quality Ganache, made with fine Belgian couverture chocolate with superior flavor, texture and shine.
NH Ganache is ready-to-use from the pail.
For Enrobing:
Cake, pastries, fruit, etc.
Melt ganache in double boiler keeping temperature between 115-120°F.
As a Filling:
Scoop ganache from pail into mixing bowl with paddle. Mix on medium speed for 5 minutes. Best used at 75-80°F.
For Truffles:
Scoop ganache from pail using #100 ice cream scoop. Roll into powdered sugar, cocoa powder or dip into chocolate. Best used at 75-80°F.
Can add flavor to ganache if desired.
Net weight: 2 lbs
Resealable plastic pail.
Brand name: Belcolade NH Ganache
Kosher Dairy