Rolkem Luster Gel Pearl White 15ml

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Approved Food Colourant, Non-toxic, Edible, Lustre Finish.

Use this product on your sugar craft articles to give it a lustre finish. This product will enhance your Sugar craft items with a lustre/metallic finish. This product can be painted onto any edible product including chocolate.

Rolkem Gel Lustre Paint PEARL WHITE (15ml) Rolkem's range of edible gel
colours use a unique gelling agent that means the colour does not fade,
and the colour remains consistent until the last drop. This lustre gel
can be used for painting and decorating. Because of the lustre
particles, it is not advisable to mix this into fondant or sugar paste.
Gel stays suspended, which means you don't have to shake them before
use Colours don't fade, even if left in direct sunlight No after taste
Contains no sugar, glycerine