Neon Blue Fondust 4g

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Neon Blue Fondust 4g

FONDUST® is a fantastic colouring product

for pastry chefs! It is the only water-soluble

colour that can be used directly in food.

Easy to use, FONDUST® is a microencapsulated food colouring
especially designed for colouring food with very low water content. It
can be used to colour fondant, sugar work (before or after baking),
almond paste, royal icing, buttercream, cake mix, macaroons, decorating
gel, candy, etc. Practically everything . . . except pure chocolate. The
collection is made up of 36 colours. With FONDUST®, you can achieve
very dark colours, like black, red, blue and brown, as well as very
bright colours, such as orange, green, pink and violet.