More Nipple Piping Tip Covers

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Size: Small Set of 4

Sku: 012450

Introducing More Nipples, the translucent, reusable stretchy silicone piping tip/bag covers!

No more cling wrap, no more wet towels or moist sponges, these will seal your piping tips to prevent the contents drying out or for safe storage.

Perfect for macaron makers, royal icing queens and kings and of course, any caker who works with buttercream, especially American buttercream.

More Nips come in 3 sizes and 4 packs:

  • Small - pack of 4

  • Large - pack of 4

  • XL - pack of 4

  • Mixed - 2 of each size.

How do you know which size you need?

  • Small = Small Loyal, PME and Mondo tips from 0000 through to petal tips

  • Large - your 1D, 2D, 1M, large petal tips etc etc etc tips

  • XL = Russian tips and of course the new Loyal/Moreish collab Ruffle tips plus giant ball tips and more.

The nips are translucent so you can see which tips you have on your piping bags, great for when you are juggling multiple jobs or bags.

Easy to wash, warm soapy wash or just chuck them into the dishwasher.