Loyal Paste Extruder

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Loyal Paste Extruder
      • Use in decorating for professional effects
      • Use with fondant, modelling paste, sugar paste, marzipan and more
      • Each Paste Extruder contains a screw, gasket and 20 discs
      • Discs come in round, screen, flat, square, triangle and half rounds

      Suggested Discs Creations:

      ROUND: Borders, letters, rope, stem and vines.

      SCREEN: Floral stamens, grass, hair and straws.

      FLAT: Bows, lattice, quilling, ribbons and weaving baskets.

      SQUARE/TRIANGLE/HALF ROUNDS: Borders, bricks, logs and triangles.

      Cleaning Instructions:

      1. Unscrew the cap and disc
      2. Clean excess fondant/clay from the end cap and disc
      3. Unscrew the top of the extruder
      4. Pull the rod gently
      5. Clean excess fondant/clay from the barrel and plunger