Loyal 360 PRO Turntable

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Sku: LTP360

Just when you thought it can not get any better! We have improved the LOYAL 360 Pro turntable!

Use this LOYAL turntable to decorate your cakes and creations with confidence. Made from heavy duty aluminium, this high quality turntable is smooth revolving and glides with ease due to the precision of the stainless steel bearings!

This turntable provides a very stable, non-wobble surface. Also offering clearly marked centering guides and is finished with a bevelled edge.

Additionally, featuring a non-slip base to stop any movement or sliding. This turntable is all you will ever need!

NOW featuring:

  • Smoother glide
  • Additional packaging
  • enhanced beveled edge 
  • Non-slip base now in LOYAL blue

Care Instructions:

DO NOT immerse in water
Use a moist sponge or soft cloth to wipe clean
Ensure the turning mechanism which houses the bearings is kept dry at all times
The non-slip base can be removed for cleaning