Guittard A'Peels- White Vanilla 12oz

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Guittard A'Peels- White Vanilla 12oz
  • Net Weight: 12 ounces
Guittard Vanilla White Chocolate A'Peels are truly an all around compound coating
chocolate and don't require tempering. This chocolate can be easily melted using a microwave at 50% powder and 30 second increments. The Guittard A'Peels have a lesser content of
hydrogenated palm kernel oil than the Guittard ribbon coatings, giving
them a rich taste. The Guittard Chocolate Company is one of only ten
chocolate makers in the US, and one of few that works directly with
growers, long before harvest.

Ingredients: Sugar, palm
kernel oil and palm oils, whey, nonfat milk, titanium dioxide for color, sunflower lecithin
emulsifiers, natural flavors, and vanilla.

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