Devils Food Chocolate Cake Mix 2Lb

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Devils Food Chocolate Cake Mix 2Lb

A convenient, high-quality mix for moist, flavorful cake with excellent volume and shelf life. Perfect for layer cakes, celebration cakes and cupcakes.

  • Add oil and water
  • Make exceptional, moist cakes
  • The right mix for party cakes or cupcakes

Puratos' Satin range of cake mixes emphasize the qualities consumers love about cake. The Tegral Satin Devil's Food Layer Cake Mix accentuates texture and taste. In testing, our cake mix ranks higher on taste and texture than competitor cakes. Customers appreciate this, which can mean increased sales and customer loyalty by means of differentiation with our range of Satin layer and crème cake mixes.

Provide customers with a high-quality, premium cake using our Devil’s Food Cake Mix. A moist, layered cake mix suitable for celebration cakes and cupcakes offer superior texture and taste.

Usage rate: 100%.

Kosher dairy.

2 lbs Makes:
(2) 8x2 cake pans
24 Standard Cupcakes