Buttery Sweet Dough Bakery Emulsion

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Buttery Sweet Dough Bakery Emulsion
What Can I Use Emulsions For?

Cakes, cupcakes, candy, fondants, frosting, and more! These intense and exceptionally versatile flavors are appropriate for the higher temperature demands of hard candy making but can also be used to flavor just about anything!


One of our best-selling flavors! LorAnn's Buttery Sweet Dough baking
& flavoring emulsion has the rich taste of creamery butter combined
with a hint of citrus and vanilla that will give your homemade sweet
breads, pastries and buttercream frostings an irresistible "bakery shop"
flavor. The aroma and flavor reminds us of a Danish pastry fresh from
the bakery!

Buttery Sweet Dough Bakery Emulsion will be the
"secret ingredient" in your baked goods & frostings!In your recipes
calling for vanilla extract, try substituting Buttery Sweet Dough for a
flavor update.

1 teaspoon baking extract = 1 teaspoon emulsion

4 oz Bottle
• Water-based
• Kosher certified
• Gluten-free
• Soluble in