Lumo Paint Astral Pink

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Lumo Paint Astral Pink 15ml


Rolkem Gel Lumo Paint ASTRAL Rolkem's range of edible gel colours
use a unique gelling agent that means the colour does not fade, and the
colour remains consistent until the last drop. Rolkem's unique lumo
powder colours are the only edible luminous colours available on the
market. This unqiue feature is a result of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) being
added to colour pigments to create the luminous effect. Because of the
Riboflavin in the gel paint, the additional of ultraviolet light makes
the product glow. The lumo colour is not as strong as the concentrates
but can be used for painting, as a colourant for fondant and decorating.
Becuase of the unique formulation, the gels will dry when used to
paint. It will dry smooth without creating surface cracks. Gel stays
suspended, which means you don't have to shake them before use Colours
don't fade, even if left in direct sunlight No after taste Contains no
sugar, glycerine