Brill Light N' Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream 3.5lbs

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Brill Light N' Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream 3.5LB

With a combination of quality ingredients and superior processes,
Brill offers consumer preferred bases and ready-to-use buttercream
frostings. From smooth and creamy vanilla to cookies ‘n cream,
we produce an extensive variety of flavored and colored buttercreams
to help you celebrate every occasion.

Better than homemade! This vanilla buttercream is fluffy and the perfect consistency for any cake or cupcake. Our ready-to-use buttercream frostings are pre-mixed and aerated, giving you consistent color and performance while saving you time and labor. Our buttercream frostings come in a variety of flavors, fusions and colors. Our buttercream bases are concentrated frostings that require the addition of water, optional butter or flavor before they can be applied or used.
Bases give you the flexibility to modify the frosting to your taste and texture preferences.

  • Ready, Set, Go – Our ready-to-use buttercreams are ready for use whenever you need, requiring no additional ingredients or extra steps, saving you time and delivering consistent performance.
  • Easy Storage – Most icings are stored ambient requiring no refrigeration or freezer to preserve freshness.
  • Decadent Flavor – Our extensive line of flavors make buttercreams an excellent addition to almost any dessert.

(1) Container can frost 20-35 standard cupcakes depending on style or 140 mini cupcakes

(1) Container can frost an (2) 8" x 4" cakes and a (2) 6" x 4" cakes.