Brill Colored Vanilla Buttercream 2lbs

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Color: Black

Sku: 012394
Brill Vanilla Buttercream 2lbs

With a combination of quality ingredients and superior processes,
Brill offers consumer preferred bases and ready-to-use buttercream
frostings. From smooth and creamy vanilla to cookies ‘n cream,
we produce an extensive variety of flavored and colored buttercreams
to help you celebrate every occasion.

Better than homemade! This vanilla buttercream is fluffy and the perfect consistency for any cake or cupcake. Our ready-to-use buttercream frostings are pre-mixed and aerated, giving you consistent color and performance while saving you time and labor. Our buttercream frostings come in a variety of flavors, fusions and colors. Our buttercream bases are concentrated frostings that require the addition of water, optional butter or flavor before they can be applied or used.
Bases give you the flexibility to modify the frosting to your taste and texture preferences.

  • Ready, Set, Go – Our ready-to-use buttercreams are ready for use whenever you need, requiring no additional ingredients or extra steps, saving you time and delivering consistent performance.
  • Easy Storage – Most icings are stored ambient requiring no refrigeration or freezer to preserve freshness.
  • Decadent Flavor – Our extensive line of flavors make buttercreams an excellent addition to almost any dessert.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Debra Gomez


Thanks for coming in clutch!!!

I was so frustrated when my usual buttercream that I get came in like green and not black, and when I opened it, it was too late to order any more buttercream! I almost cried because everything seemed to be going off, luckily, i remembered y’all and your store is like a bakers’ fantasy land. I called and i don’t remember her name but she was so sweet and understanding, and it was a Sunday so it was a bonus that it was open. I told her what happened and what i needed and we made it work! Granted, I wasn’t able to pick it up myself and give her a huge hug because I was so relieved, i had called Uber pickup to deliver it to me and for the packaging available I was satisfied. The buttercream wasn’t pitch black like how I expected it to be, but of course, as we all know, black buttercream needs time to sit in order to deepen in color. Once I let it sit for five minutes, it was a beautiful luscious, black and my sister/was so in love and was so shocked on how I got the black buttercream. Thank you so much!!! The buttercream was delicious as well. definitely be getting more buttercream in the future from sweet life cake and candy supply. 🫶🏾😍😍🫶🏾🫶🏾

Lakia Polk
I love the bold colors!

The colors are bold and vibrant but the taste was awful. I used the brilliant pink it’s a very pretty color but it gave a medicine taste. Way too much food coloring was used. It dyed everything. I even tried to add flavorings to it but the taste was still nasty. We had to scrape off the icing to enjoy the cake.