Tappits: Letter, Numbers & Shapes

Making beautifully decorated cakes and candy takes more than a recipe.  You need awesome supplies, too!  At Sweet Life Cake and Candy Supply, we have you covered.  
Whether you’re decorating  a cake for  the upcoming holidays or cookies for a a birthday party for a child who loves animals, we have a wide variety of letters, numbers and shapes to make the job easy.

Dress up or dress down your cupcakes for just the right occasion.  Want to personalize cupcakes?  No problem! Tappits are ideal for making letters, numbers and shapes to decorate cakes and plaques. By ‘tapping’ the flexible strip on a board or side of a table means that the individual motif is easy to remove. Our large selection of letters and numbers let’s you do just that.   And with our selection of colorful shapes, your sweet treats will surely stand out.

We have everything you need to create absolutely gorgeous designs. Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the sweetest place! Sweet Life Cake Supply offers a variety of ingredients and baking supplies.  Everything you need to wow them, all in one place at Sweet Life Cake Supply

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