Renshaw fondant is not only easy to work with, it tastes great too. Smooth and pliable, it's ready to roll out so you can start designing.

Renshaw fondant and gumpaste are available in many colors and sizes - one that is perfect for the decorating project you are working on.  Renshaw fondant icing contains gum tragacanth which means it is extremely pliable and easy to work with. This allows you to mould and work with it to get the desired effect before it begins to harden up.

To get the best from Renshaw fondant icing begin by kneading it on a hard, dry work surface before dusting the area with a light coating of icing sugar. Grab a rolling pin and using firm, even pressure roll the fondant icing out.

Shop Sweet Life Cake Supply for Renshaw fondant icing and gumpaste in a large variety of colors, flavors and types.

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