Red Velvet Cake Mix 2Lb

Red Velvet Cake Mix 2Lb

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Are you looking for the PERFECT Red Velvet cake recipe? We have it for you!

With the Sweet Life's Red Velvet Cake Mix all you have to do is add 22oz of water and 4oz oil, mix all together and bake away. There is no thought process to it! This is a MUST try item! Don't forget to try the other cake mix Yellow Cake!

Baking Directions:
- 2Lb Of Cake Mix
- 22 Ounces of Water
- 4 Ounces of Vegetable Oil

Pre-Heat oven to 350° & Prep Pans

In large bowl combine cake mix, water, & oil and mix on low speed for two minutes. Once cake mix and liquids are mixed together then place mixer on medium speed for 5 minutes. This will crete a moist and rich yellow cake that delivers great volume and soft creamy texture. This mix also make delicious cupcakes.

2lb Makes:

(2) 8" pans 
32 Standard Cupcakes

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